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I remember my first time stepping foot in a telemark boot. It was sunny, my feet were sore, I had a high life in my hand, and I was indoors. This served as a transitioning point from a Summer full of drunkenly accepting and claiming I would learn to tele, to a Winter full of pain, aggravation, sore legs, and occasionally the feeling I did something right.

I truly and unfortunately cannot recall the first time I told fellow co-founder Brian Strickland that I would finally entertain his countless requests to give telemark skiing a try. This is unfortunate as whatever beer fueled engagement that was to coerce me into acceptance would be the night (or maybe day) that completely changed the way I would view the mountains for the rest of my life. That is ok though, savoring a high life while Larry (of Larry's Boot Fit in Boulder) cranked down those Garmont Voodoos onto my feet like a corset in anticipation for a potential suitor is a close close second.

All of that happened in the Fall of 2011. The between then and now has been a wild and humbling ride. Some days I struggle to truly understand why I love telemark skiing as much as I do. And other days it is very clear. To me, telemarking is a community of like-minded insane people who somehow actively chose to put themselves into this position. You don't get here by accident. The stories of how fellow telemark skiers have gotten to where they are is just as interesting to me as the turn itself. I think this is also the reason that this turn we love so much is just so different in style, aggression, and flavor from skier to skier. All of our stories are different, and so is our skiing. This is something that is so beautifully unique about telemark.

Similar to my own confusion when I first stepped into that weird looking boot at Larry's, I have no idea where this whole project will take us, and what it means. What I do know is that I think telemark skiing is special and deserves something more than what it has been given. My hope is to provide as much as I can to the telemark community as it has provided to me. I truly look forward to hearing everybody's story, and I hope you look forward to be a part of ours. Welcome.

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