The Recovering Snowboarder

As a recovering snowboarder, I remember the boredom of the turn and the one sore leg thing. I thought to myself, if I can have one sore leg why not have two? Absolutely not how it all started.

Tried out of boredom in the 90’s with no help. Failed. A few years later after not going to the mountains at all during the winter, a friend and passionate tele-vangelist convinced me to give it another go. With his help and plenty of suffering, I finally got it; the turn that had eluded me for years.

All it took was determination, time, and willing friend to make my ultimate happy turns come true.

With that, I’ve learned over the seasons that Telemark skiing is much bigger than one person and with the help of a community of likeminded weirdos, we can all find happiness in this simplest of turns and tradition.

Along with the two other extremely enthusiastic co-founders of Telemark Colorado, I look forward to bringing this passionate community together through friendly meet ups, clinics put together via volunteers wanting nothing more than to help another, and providing a user friendly forum for connection through our website.

Some pow shots scattered in there can’t hurt either, right?

Come join us in celebrating the turn and meeting a few new people while possibly sharing a beer or four.

Tele! Tele!


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